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Lead Quality Conformance from the Top Down

“Quality is Everyone’s responsibility” – Dr. Edward Deming.  Quality has to start from the boardroom.  Without Top Management leading Quality continuously, no quality program could be successfully implemented.

Asia manufacturers are still the major supplies of consumer products to the global markets.  The improvements of living standards in Asian Countries demand more goods from North America & Europe.  The cultural differences create more challenges to manufacture Quality with the best Total Cost of Ownership to the consumers.

A lot of the Asian Manufacturers still believe that Quality is directly related to Cost.  We bridge these cultural gaps to lead the manufacturers to the right Quality direction and add value to the customers.

We help our clients achieving their profit goals with effective Cross Cultural Asian Operations

To Lead Quality with your Asian Supply Operations, please contact us: support@leadq.net


70% of the problems are communication problems. We provide translation & interpretation services on documents and specifications.


Process Management

Quality is not by inspection.  Quality is manufactured.  From the market quality function deployment, we will deploy process quality requirements, control plans and process management training.


Due Diligence Reviews & Audits

We will conduct Due Diligence Review, Qualification, Process and Preshipment Audits based our client’s requirements and mandatory market standards.



Trouble shooting / Root Cause Analysis

We will lead & train the operation staffs to conduct trouble shooting and root cause analysis for corrective actions on problems or continuous value improvement.